Who are 

'Les Cocottes'?


Here we are in the side picture! Margaux and Lorena: two Frenchies on a mission to share our passion for the French cuisine & culture without the clichés! Get on board and experience the  authentic France through our eyes!    


Hmmm, but what does 'Les Cocottes' even mean?

Ha! Good question! 

A 'cocotte' is an informal word for a 'hen', and can also mean a lady or a girlfriend! Given that the national emblem of France is a rooster, we liked the idea of using a winking rooster to represent our brand!

Not too sure about how to pronounce it?! You can say it HOWEVER you like! For inspiration, check out our fun video (the Youtube link is below in footer ;) )  

Where it all started...

No matter where they are or what they do, you can guarantee that when two French people meet, the favorite topic of conversation will ALWAYS be food. 

We LOVE our food. We love to eat it, we love to talk about it, we love to share it… we just love it! So when we met as two expat Frenchies living in Canada we obviously started sharing stories of our mums' special recipes and the dishes we were missing from home… 

But it’s not just that. Sharing our passion and our food traditions is also something very dear to our heart! 

One day, we decided to treat our Canadian and International friends to a traditional French meal, wine (no twist tops allowed), cheese, baguettes.. we went all-in! 

It was a real feast and everyone one was delighted by the delicacies we selected for them and they were curious to hear the stories behind the traditions. 

We already knew that food was a big part of our culture, but the joy that came with sharing our recipes and traditions was genuine. The experience planted an entrepreneurial side in our minds… and 'Les Cocottes' was born!

So, do you want to take a trip to France?